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How We Help

College is more expensive than it's ever been. Students are graduating with an average of almost $33,000 in student loan debt. Admission and scholarships are more competitive and using our services ensures that your applications will be as strong as possible, giving you the best chance for success and graduating with the least amount of student loan debt possible. 

Personalized Plans


Our first meeting can take place in person, over the phone, or via Zoom, Teams, or FaceTime. We discuss the student's goals, dreams, plans, and aspirations for college, career, and life. A student does not need to know the answers to those questions for us to begin working together. In those cases, we explore what they student doesn't want to pursue. From there, we set up a plan of action, tailored specifically to the student's needs and learning/motivation style (some need more in-person encouragement, others work best with a deadline to accomplish a task and one text to remind them of it). 


We will research schools, programs, scholarship, gap year programs, and work options for your student. It is our belief that the right path after high school is the one that best fits the student. Not every student will go to an Ivy League school or earn a full-ride to college. Some students are searching for the traditional experience, some want to graduate as quickly as possible, and some want to work their way through school to graduate with no debt. We work together to look at all the options so the student and family have an array to choose from when the time comes. 

Extra layer of support

In addition to the tangible work of essays and applications, we provide another layer of support for both the student and the parent. We serve as a resource, a motivator, a supporter, and an unbiased opinion about options available. This can be invaluable to parents who find their home to be more peaceful when they are not the one holding the student's feet to the fire on deadlines.


We provide editing for all applications, essays, and resumes. Editing allows for each essay to still be in the voice of the student but with the strongest word choice and grammar possible. We brainstorm ideas for essay topics and can work with students with reading/writing challenges to get their ideas on paper in the best form. 


College application season begins on August 1 of the student's senior year in high school. Over the summer between junior and senior year, we design a timeline which allows the student to complete applications, essays, resume, leadership project, and request letters of recommendations and transcripts in a timely manner and one which doesn't overwhelm the student or place a burden upon them while they are also doing senior level coursework. All deadlines listed meet the earliest school/scholarship/honors program date requirements so students are eligible for as many scholarships for which they qualify.

Resume and Leadership Projects

Students need a resume detailing their high school extracurricular activities. Some students need to boost their leadership experience so we work with the student to help them design a meaningful, manageable project that helps their community and gives them valuable experience to list on their resume.

Career Information

We strive to introduce students to professionals in the fields in which they are interested. These can be in-person or over the phone/zoom/Face Time. In many situations, we are able to set up a shadow day with someone in a variety of fields.

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