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Julie Dunn Crawford

In 2012, Julie saw need in for additional support for high school students and their families to navigate the college admission and scholarship application process. Gone are the days when most students apply to one school and are awarded enough scholarship money to cover the costs of the educational experience. She began with just a handful of students, coaching them through their applications during their senior year of high school. She expanded to include sophomore and junior students because for some students, starting to think about their college goals their senior year was too late. She helps students explore options for summer enrichment programs, internships, job shadows, gap year programs, and work-school hybrids. While there are certain common tasks for students looking for plans beyond high school graduation, Julie believes each student is unique and deserves a personalized plan for success.


Julie attended the University of Louisville on a full-tuition Trustees' Scholarship and graduated with a bachelor's degree in political science. She was an admissions counselor at the university while in graduate school earning her master's in higher education. Julie also was awarded scholarships from national and regional organizations, selected from a large pool of essay applicants. While in college, she was awarded scholarships from the Resident Student Association, Student Government Association, and the Student Activities Board. Because of her efforts to achieve these scholarships, Julie was able to graduate with both degrees with no student loan debt.


Career Highlights

Assistant Director of Student 

Development Programs, University of

Southern Indiana, 1993-1999

Admissions Consultant, University of

Louisville, 2000, 2007

Teacher/Home School Program

Director, Cornerstone Academy

of Eastside Praise, 2006-2013

Director, World Class Academy


Global Game Changers, Americorps


Editor, Wine in the Sand, and Lightning 

Crashes: Angels of War ChroniclesThunderstruck

by James T. White

Contributor,, 2020

Leadership Louisville Center office coordinator, 2021 - 2024

Director, Girl Scouts Area 13 Day Camp


Program Aide Director, Girl Scouts Area 13 Day Camp, 2014-2017

Team Leader, Preschool Ministry

Southeast Christian Church


Girl Scout Leader, 2004-2017

La Leche League Leader, 2003-2016

Delta Zeta Sorority National Training Team



Julie has years of experience working with teenagers. Her personality puts both students and parents at ease and allows them all to feel comfortable working together, even as stressful deadlines approach. She provides a layer of support to both families and students as they navigate the often confusing world of selecting a college. She believes each student has unique gifts and talents and a path for their life that is completely their own. She works diligently to provide information and resources to each student and parent so they have a variety of options when it comes time to make the decision about what to do after high school graduation. She has worked with students who have chosen a traditional four-year college program, an accelerated program, community college, military service, gap year, and a plan to work their way through school. There is more than one path to success and she helps students and families find the one for them.

Julie and her family, January, 2019

Photo: Maria Marchal Photography

A college coach can help you find the best programs and schools and scholarships for your student. Working with Julie can help you and your student enjoy the high school years more because you are not worrying about what will happen after graduation. 

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